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Isolaz Treatments New Acne Procedure AESTHERA Isolaz, PAINLESS PPx Pore-Cleansing Acne Treatment.

Rated as one of the 3 hottest products at the 2007 American Academy of Dermatology conference, Isolaz is powered by a breakthrough technology called Photopneumatics which is the only therapy in the world that combines a vacuum and painless laser to deep cleanse and purify your pores from the inside out.

Vacuum: Helps loosen and extract dirt, blackheads and excess oil from deep within your pores.

Painless Laser:Helps destroy acne causing bacteria, uneven skin tone, sun damaged skin, facial redness and veins as well as unwanted hair.

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Isolaz is quick, easy and painless. In fact, many people have their treatments done during lunch without any downtime. Isolaz acne treatments in NYC are popular for this reason. Additionally, patients have found their skin feels tighter and has a healthy radiant glow following Isolaz therapy. Also, Isolaz therapy is effective on all skin types.

The Isolaz vacuum applies gentle pressure on your pores while the painless laser helps destroy the acne causing bacteria. This helps soften and remove blackheads, dead cells and other debris from deep in your pores resulting in radiant, clear skin that is purified from the inside out.

Is the Isolaz Treatment Cleared by the FDA?

Yes. In fact, the Isolaz is the only system FDA cleared to treat pustular and comedonal acne as well as mild to moderate and acne vulgaris. Isolaz is also FDA cleared to treat benign vascular and pigmented lesions, and perform permanent hair reduction.

Is the Isolaz treatment really painless?

Yes. In a published clinical study, an astounding 100% of patients noted Aesthera Photopneumatic treatments were painless.

Will I have sensitivity to light following my Isolaz treatment?

No. Unlike other treatments, the Isolazâ„¢ system does not cause sensitivity to light.

What Types of Acne Does the Isolaz Treat?

The Isolaz is the only system FDA cleared to treat pustular and comedonal acne as well as mild to moderate and acne vulgaris.

Will I still need to use topicals or other medication?

Ask your Dr. Day and her associates. Depending on your own situation you may be asked to continue to use topicals while undergoing Isolaz treatments.

Does the Isolaz work 100% of the time?

Everyone’s skin is different but studies have shown that 85% of people who have an Isolaz treatment will experience clearer skin.

What if I only get acne breakouts every once in a while - could I still have an Isolaz Acne Treatment?

Of course! Because the Isolaz uses vacuum, it can help keep your pores cleansed and purified for healthy, radiant looking skin. Isolaz is an effective acne treatment in NYC.

How many treatments will I need?

Dr. Day recommends a series of five treatments for optimal results. However, this varies from patient to patient. ASK ABOUT OUR AESTHERA ISOLAZ PACKAGE DEAL!

Am I a candidate for Isolaz Skin Rejuvenation?

Any person who has uneven skin tone, red and brown spots, sun damaged skin and/or unsightly veins on his/her body may be a candidate.

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