DD Hair Regrowth Program

Dr. Day's Hair Growth Program FAQ

Hair RegrowthThis revolutionary program utilizes the illumiWave 180 Pro Series Laser Therapy with Dr. Day’s Hair Growth Factor.

The illumiWave180 Pro-series laser system has the greatest coverage area and highest quality multi-wavelength laser technology available today, improving overall quality, thicker, shinier, denser and healthy appearance of hair in 84% of all patients!

IllumiWave is a pain free treatment solution with no downtime for anyone experiencing hair thinning or hair loss.

Recent medical studies show that low level laser therapy with the illumiWave laser system stimulates newer healthier cells and protein synthesis. More nutrients to the hair follicle, therefore more hair vitality!

What Does the Hair Re-Growth Program Entail?

Dr. Day's Hair Growth program combines:
  1. Illumiwave Low Level Laser Therapy
  2. DD Hair Growth Factor
  3. Men's ROGAINE Unscented Foam (5% minoxidil) or Women's ROGAINE Topical Solution (2% minoxidil) twice-a-day. www.rogaine.com

Aimed at improving hair health and stimulating growth, into an easy-to-follow regimen. Patients will use the topical DD Hair Growth Factor at home, while following the in-office laser hair growth treatment program.
Hair Regrowth Laser

Who is a Good Candidate for Dr. Day's Program?

Dr. Day’s Hair Growth Program is appropriate for all men and women who want to improve weak or thinning hair.
We put together this excellent program in response to our patients’ demand for a better hair loss treatment!

How Often are In-Office Appointments?

The in-office laser treatments follow the protocol below:

Month 1: One 20-minute treatment, two 15-minute treatments each week.

Month 2 and 3: Two 15-minute treatments each week.

Month 4 and Beyond: One 20-minute treatment.

What Should I Expect?

Dr. Day's Hair Growth Program is appropriate for all men and women who want to improve weak or thinning hair. Over time, patients may notice thicker, healthier hair. There may be increased growth in areas of previous thinning. We put together this excellent program in response to our patients demand for a better hair loss treatment!

Myths & Truths About Treatment

Myth or Truth: Results happen right away?

Truth: Due to the natural growth cycle of scalp hair, it can take up to 3 months to begin to see results with most products

Myth or Truth: All my hair will fall out if I stop using these treatments

Truth: Hair loss treatments must be used as directed and continued over time in order to maintain results. It is recommended that you stick to your prescribed regime to stop the progression of hair loss and provide regrowth. If you stop treatment, your hair will gradually revert back to where it would have been if you never started. It will not make you lose more hair, but your hair loss may have progressed over your treatment time so it may appear worse than before you started treatment.

Myth or Truth: My hair loss will appear to get worse before it gets better

Truth: You may experience some shedding about one month after you start some treatments. This is not unexpected or negative. It actually means your hair is cycling and new hair will grow back.

Dr. Day Talks Hair Loss with RedBook

RedBook Hair Loss
Doris J. Day., M.D., a New York City dermatologist and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center

Q: My hair is coming out by the handful, Help!

A: The Dermatologist Says:

"Hair loss starts earlier for women than men, and the patterns are different. Men recede at their temples, and women tend to lose in the crown; you often notice it as a widening of your part." (Day uses the IllumiWave laser.) Stree is another major culprit in hair loss, and in these instances, thinning typically starts about three months after the emotional or physical stressor and lasts three to four months. Though scary, "it's really a shedding, and the hair does grow back when things normalize," Day assures.

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